Cap & Dampers

Chimney Service in New Jersey
If replacement of a chimney cap or damper is necessary, Smith’s are the ones to turn to!
Chimney Caps
A chimney cap is a piece of steel, copper, or aluminum that goes over the top of the chimney flue to keep unwanted things out such as:
Water- Moisture is the number one enemy of the chimney. A chimney with a damaged cap or no cap at all is asking for trouble. Once water gets in, it can wreak all kinds of havoc and reduce the lifetime of your masonry.
Unwelcome guests- Animals, birds, and insects can take up residence in a capless chimney. They can obstruct the flue, increasing the potential for fire and carbon monoxide build up.
Debris- Leaves, twigs, and other objects can get into a chimney without a cap. These also can obstruct your chimney and potentially cause fire or build up of dangerous gasses.
Problems with an existing chimney cap arise when incorrectly installed or if it rusts. Issues with your chimney cap or no cap at all? It’s time to call in the experts at Smith’s to top off your chimney!
Chimney Dampers
A chimney damper is a plate that closes the opening in the chimney when not in use. A damper that is properly installed and in good condition will help with the following:
Lower heating bills- A properly fitting damper keeps the cold out and the heat in.
Safety- The damper limits the oxygen that comes into your fireplace so that your fire isn’t burning out of control.
There are two types of dampers, throat dampers that are just above the fireplace and top dampers which are on the top of the chimney.
Having damper problems? If smoke fills your house despite using your damper, it may be time for a replacement! Smith’s can take a look at your damper and determine if its working properly or if it needs replaced. Give us a call today!