Chimney Cleaning

Smith's Chimney Services
It’s highly recommended to have your chimney cleaned and inspected annually. It’s best to have this done before the burning season begins so you can enjoy your fire safely and with peace of mind.
Also called a chimney sweep, hiring a professional to give your chimney a cleaning has benefits:
Eliminate creosote build-up- Having a thorough professional chimney sweep performed will help remove creosote, a black sticky substance that builds up inside your chimney during use. Creosote is highly flammable, and is a major cause of chimney fires.
Debris and blockage removal- A sweep also removes debris and blockages that have the potential to catch fire or cause carbon monoxide build-up in your chimney.
• System efficiency- A clean chimney and firebox will be more efficient. Your heating bills will be lower and you’ll feel better relaxing in front of that roaring fire!
A chimney sweep will clean your chimney thoroughly from top to bottom! Don’t worry about a mess-we take measures to ensure that your home stays clean and safe during a sweep. The work area will be covered thoroughly with tarps and runners, and a special soot vacuum is used to remove debris keep the mess out of your home. The chimney, firebox, and smoke chamber are all cleaned.
Questions about having your chimney cleaned? Give Smith’s a call!