Chimney Rebuilding

Smith's Chimney Services New Jersey
What starts out as a small crack can turn into something much worse if not fixed. With constant exposure to the elements your chimney really takes a beating. Moisture, freezing and thawing cycles, and more can cause serious damage over time. When the condition of your chimney is beyond a simple repair, that’s when a chimney rebuild becomes necessary.
There are three kinds of chimney rebuilds:
Partial-For small chimneys (not requiring scaffolding) or the top of a large chimney including crown replacement.
Roofline up-The chimney is torn down to the roofline and is then built back including a new crown.
Total rebuild-The entire outer layer of brick needs to be replaced in addition to the crown.
The best way to avoid having to have your chimney rebuilt is by having it annually inspected. Keeping up with repairs and keeping your chimney well maintained can help keep your chimney in tip top shape. Not sure what condition your chimney is in? Whatever your chimney situation, our professionals will assess the condition of your chimney and help determine exactly what your chimney needs. Give us a call today!