Chimney Repairs

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Sometimes life happens and your chimney needs repairs. Whether it’s from weather damage or wear and tear over time, Smith’s Chimney Service can provide all your chimney repair needs.
Types of Chimney Repairs

Masonry Repair-While masonry is designed to last for many years, constant exposure to the elements and age can cause spalling, cracking or crumbling masonry. If your bricks are starting to crack or break apart it’s time for a fix before more costly damage occurs.
Tuckpointing- This is something that is needed when the mortar on your chimney is deteriorating. Tuckpointing the word used to describe the removal and replacement of mortar on your chimney. When done properly, tuckpointing can extend the life of your chimney. If left to continue to deteriorate, your chimney can be affected to the point that a rebuild might be necessary. Let an expert take a look before it’s too late!
Crown repair- The crown is a concrete or masonry slab that seals and protects the chimney and the area around the flue. Improperly designed or constructed crowns can bring a whole host of trouble when it comes to your chimney! A professional can take a look at your crown and let you know if it is damaged, improperly fitted, or not made of the proper materials.
Chimney Relining- Necessary when your existing liner has deteriorated, has sustained damage or there is no liner at all. There are three types of liners, but stainless steel is king in the world of the chimney experts. A chimney technician can help determine what kind of liner is best for you.
If you’re in need of any kind of repair, big or small, give Smith’s a call today!