Reasons To Have Your Chimney Inspected

A Chimney inspection. It’s probably not something that’s high on your priority list. Chances are you’d rather spend your money elsewhere. While it may not seem as fun as a new recliner or TV, it’s something that is far more important to spend your money on. Spring is a good time of the year to get your annual inspection done-just think of it as a part of spring cleaning, right?

The following are all important reasons why you should have your chimney inspected:

  • Safety First-The most important reason to keep your chimney maintained and have yearly inspections is to prevent chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. Build-up of creosote, debris, even animals that may have found their way into your chimney unnoticed can catch fire. Just as bad, or even worse is when these obstruct your chimney to prevent proper ventilation and cause carbon monoxide to enter your home. Isn’t keeping your family safe and healthy one of your highest priorities?
  • Damage Control-Winter and stormy spring weather can really do a number on your home’s exterior. Perhaps you’ve noticed cosmetic damage to your roof or chimney since the snow has melted away. Or maybe you’ve seen some obvious signs that there is something wrong up inside your chimney such as debris falling into your fireplace. It’s a good idea to call in the experts to check out the entire structure. There may be further damage that isn’t readily apparent that needs to be repaired.
  • Water, Water-Finding water in your fireplace or water stains on the ceiling around your chimney are signs that it might be time to have it checked out. By the time moisture is noticeable, the damage could already be done to your home’s interior.
  • Out With The Old– Thinking about selling your home? Your chimney is a factor that could come into play. A chimney inspector can tell you what kind of condition your chimney is in and if repairs need to be made before you put your house on the market.
  • In With the New-If you’re making changes to your system, such as upgrading your fireplace, a chimney inspection can help determine if changes need to be done to the chimney itself.

Remember the old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”? Good old Ben Franklin was spot on. Getting your chimney inspected annually is important even if you haven’t noticed any problems. Finding out things that could be amiss with your chimney such as interior damage and other problems can save you a costly headache down the line.

For more information on why you should have your chimney inspected or to learn about any of our chimney cleaning services or chimney repair, contact us today.

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