Why do I need a chimney inspection? My chimney looks fine!
Reasons for a professional chimney inspection include:
Safety- Inspections can help prevent chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning due to creosote, debris, or critters in your chimney.
Exposure to the Elements- Weather takes a toll on your chimney because it’s constantly exposed! While some damage is obvious, such as a lightning strike, weather can affect your chimney in ways that aren’t necessarily noticeable.
Moisture- Water in your fireplace or stains on the surrounding the chimney can be indicators of water damage. Once there are visible signs of moisture, the damage could already be done.
Selling your home- An inspection is necessary any time a property is going to change hands.
Adding new componentsIf you’re making changes to your system, such as upgrading your fireplace, a chimney inspection can help determine if changes need to be done to the chimney itself.
Regardless of whether you’re making a change or problems with your system, an annual inspection by a chimney professional is recommended. According to the National Fire Protection Association Code NFPA 211, there are three types of inspections.
Level I- A visual inspection looking for damage or any blockages. This type of inspection is done if nothing has changed and use of your chimney will be the same as before.
Level II- A more in depth inspection. This is done if you are going to make any changes to your heating system such as a change in the flue, using a different kind of fuel or adding an appliance. Other reasons this might be done is if you’re selling your proprerty, if damage has occurred, or if there’s been an issue. This type of inspection uses specialized equipment.
Level III- Only performed if serious problems are detected to determine the condition of the system. This type of inspection includes the aforementioned items in Levels I and II and could also include removal of parts of the chimney or even your home.
If you’re in need of a chimney inspection, let the chimney professionals at Smith’s Chimney Services take care of you! Call us and schedule your annual inspection today!