Pet Friendly Fireplaces

If you’re a pet owner, you know that they are part of your family, and their safety is as important to you as any other family member.

And if you also have a fireplace, you know the potential hazard it could create for your dog, cat or any other pet. But by putting in place a few precautions, you can ensure your pet’s safety — keeping them away from the flames and the extreme heat.

To make sure your pets are safe, consider the following safeguards to keep them out of harm’s way:

  • Make sure your fireplace tools are out of reach. Not only can fireplace tools be extremely hot when pulled from the fire, they often are full of soot and are dirty. Some fireplace tools also can be sharp. It’s best to keep them away from your four-legged friends.
  • Keep your fireplace doors closed even when not burning a fire. While it makes sense to keep them closed while burning due to the intense heat, keeping them closed after a fire will keep the soot and ash enclosed in the firebox and out of reach from your pets.
  • Make sure to keep away from the fire any flammable toys or pet bedding. Read labels carefully to understand their flammability. Because most pets are attracted to their beds and toys, keeping beds and toys away from the fireplace means your pets will stay away.
  • Lastly, create a barrier between the fireplace and your pet. Relatively inexpensive baby gates are sufficient, or use a more-fashionable wrought iron gate to keep your pets away.
    By implementing these few safety precautions, you’ll keep your pets safe, all the while using your fireplace to keep your home warm.

Smith's Chimney Service can provide more tips to help keep your pets safe. In addition to helping keep your pets free from harm, we provide chimney sweep services, and will clean and inspect your chimney to make sure it’s operating efficiently and properly.

For more information about how to keep your pets safe, or to learn about any of our chimney cleaning services or chimney repair, contact us today.

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