Stainless Steel Chase Cover Installation

Chase Covers
A chimney chase cover, sometimes called a chimney surround, is a metal box that surrounds the metal pipe chimney. It keeps unwelcome moisture, debris, and animals and insects out of your chimney, but also allows air and smoke to vent out.
Many chimneys have galvanized steel covers. Galvanized steel, while inexpensive, only lasts an average of seven years. It will rust over time, causing problems with your chimney. The rust is not just an eyesore, a rusty cover will have problems with moisture and mold growth.
Stainless steel is the preferred material for covering your chimney. Even though it costs more up front, it’s well worth the investment. It lasts, it’s aesthetically pleasing, won’t rust, and prevents leaks.
The professionals at Smith’s Chimney Service can take a look at your current chase cover and help you determine if it needs to be replaced. They can replace your old chase cover with a new stainless steel one that will serve you well for years to come!
Cut to the chase, give Smith’s a call today!