Stove & Chimney Installation

If you’re considering a stove to heat your home, don’t go about it alone-Smith’s Chimney Service can help! A professionally installed stove and chimney can provide warmth and enjoyment for many years!
There are many different options when it comes to choosing a stove for your home. Stoves can be made out of materials such as steel, cast iron, or stone. There is also a wide variety of fuels to choose from such as wood burning, pellet, gas, and more! Do you want the ambience of a fireplace but the efficiency of a stove? Some types of stoves come with glass fronts that allow you to view the fire just like a fireplace.
Unsure of what you’re looking for? Let us take a look at your space and help you determine what kind of stove will work best for you. We’ll take great care to be sure your stove and chimney installation is done properly and efficiently. Don’t DIY, leave your stove and chimney installation to the experts at Smith’s Chimney Service!