Chimneys are constantly exposed to the elements. Because of this, moisture can get into your mortar and masonry and cause damage, often resulting in costly repairs!
You can stop moisture penetration before it starts by waterproofing. But simply running to the hardware store and buying a sealant can do more harm than good. Porous masonry needs to breathe-sealing results in trapping the moisture that is already there! Instead consider having your chimney professionally waterproofed with a vapor porous chemical application. This is the best way to safeguard against future chimney leaks and damage.
Let Smith’s Chimney Service assess the condition of your masonry. Once any necessary repairs are made to the chimney, waterproofing is then done by applying a special chemical that allows water vapor to escape and prevents water from getting into the brick and mortar.
Give Smith’s a call today to stop that leaky chimney in its tracks!