Air Ducts


Do you have dirty air ducts? Do you even know where your air ducts are or what shape they’re in? You’re in luck because Smith’s Chimney Service doesn’t just clean and service chimneys, they clean air ducts too!
Air ducts play an important part in your household heating and cooling system. Since they’re not something we look at on a daily basis, we can forget that they need to be cleaned from time to time too. Even though a furnace filter catches some of the particles that pass through, animal hair and other debris can still get into your system. These build up in your ducts over time and can get blown back into the home. This can create serious problems for people who might be sensitive to such things, like people who suffer from allergies or asthma.
Unsure if you need a duct cleaning? The professionals at Smith’s Chimney Service will be sure that all of your ducts are in a row. Give them a call today!